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Jeff London, Department of Sociology and Ece Aykol, Department of English

Jeff London and Ece Aykol

Jeff London used to buy a “significant amount” of wool socks to stay warm in his Fan District home in the winter. He and his wife, Ece Aykol, were padding around on top of a damp, unconditioned crawlspace, and it was clearly not comfortable on the feet. Their house shares a wall with the home next door, and Jeff learned that the neighbors were undertaking home energy improvements. Motivated to solve his own home performance problems, Jeff scheduled an energy assessment with Building Science, one of RREA’s prequalified contractors. After reviewing the results of their assessment, Jeff and Ece decided to implement Building Science’s recommendations to encapsulate their crawl space and seal up their ductwork.

They took advantage of RREA’s $500 rebate for home energy improvement work, as well as Dominion’s Residential Duct Testing and Sealing rebate offer of $125.

“The contractors pulled out eighty years of debris from the crawlspace,” Jeff said. “They cleaned it up and closed it off; since then, the change is unbelievable. It’s like closing a window in the middle of winter. The bills have gone down considerably as well.”

Jeff and Ece also acknowledge the contribution they’ve made to their historic home as a way of preserving it for future owners. “It’s a sustainable, long-term investment that makes the home truly livable and more desirable,” Ece said.

Jeff now even goes barefoot sometimes in the winter: the ultimate illustrator of success. Home energy performance measures can lower your sock bill too.