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Jonny Cecka, School of World Studies

Jonny Cecka, Dale Cecka, and their son

Dale Cecka knows she’s more cold-blooded than most people. Still, having a space heater for a shadow inside her house wasn’t an ideal situation. She, her husband Jonny, and their 12-year-old son have lived in their Museum District home since July 2011. Being passionate about conserving resources, they undertook what measures they could to save energy. Still, they recognized that they didn’t have the expertise to identify exactly how to solve their home’s energy loss.

Enter Air Resolutions, Inc., the building analysts who performed their energy assessment. After special diagnostic testing, Air Resolutions created a customized report on their home’s energy use, along with prioritized, cost-effective solutions to fix the problems.

The Ceckas feel that “being a part of the [RREA] program has been an inspiration.” Having the home energy assessment spurred this environmentally conscious family into action.

Jonny and Dale implemented enough upgrades to achieve a projected 20 percent energy savings, qualifying them for RREA’s $500 rebate:

  • Air sealing in the attic and the basement
  • Additional insulation in the attic
  • Digital thermostat installation

The Ceckas will live more comfortably year-round by sealing up those air leakage points and adding insulation to their home. Plus, they will save money on their bills with the programmable thermostat. Dale will have to find a new use for her space heaters after all!